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NeatConnect :: Overview

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018 01:18PM EST

Getting Started

Learn how to use the main features of your NeatConnect scanner. With the NeatConnect scanner, you can digitize your paper records without a computer. That’s because all of the scanner functions can be accessed using the touchscreen, right on the device. And with WiFi, you can access and send your files to a number of destinations including the Neat Cloud Service, email, or other third party cloud services.

  • Setting Up WiFi
    Use your NeatConnect scanner to connect with available Wi-Fi networks. Follow the steps in this article to set-up your WiFi connection.
  • Creating a Neat Account
    When you download and install the Neat software for the first time, you will be prompted to create a Neat account. Click here for instructions on creating a Neat account for the first time.
  • Logging Into Neat
    The first time you access Neat, you will be prompted to sign in to begin a 30 day free trial of Neat Cloud Service. Learn more about the Neat Cloud service plans here, then click here for instructions on logging in to your Neat account.
  • Account Management
    Once logged in to your Neat account, you can manage your account settings, including your Neat Cloud and NeatVerify subscription plans, activation services and accounting connections. Click here for more on managing your Neat account.
  • Your Neat Cabinet
    Your Neat cabinet is where all of the items that you scan into Neat are stored. You cabinet functions much like a real filing cabinet, allowing you to create folders that you can add items to and organize according to your preference. By default, the cabinet is named My Cabinet, but you can change your cabinet name by following the instructions in this article. Learn even more about your Neat cabinet here.
  • Getting Started Help!
    If you have any trouble getting started with the Neat for Windows, click here for more feature overviews and help articles.

Managing Your Data

Learn how to organize and manage the data in your Neat cabinet. Neat allows you to create folders, to organize your information using the categories you deem most useful. For example, you might choose to create a folder organization structure that separates your home expenses documentation from your business expenses documentation, making it easier to distinguish between the two. Further, the more items you scan into Neat, the bigger your database will become. Thankfully, Neat provides handy search, sort, and filter tools that allow you to find any item in your database, fast, no matter how many files it may contain.

  • Folder Management
    You’ll want to create a “tree” of folders and sub-folders to keep the items in your Neat cabinet organized. Click here for detailed instructions on creating folders and sub-folders.
  • Sorting
    Put the items in your cabinet in alphabetical or chronological order with Neat’s easy-to-use sort feature. This makes it easy to find the items you need to access quickly.
  • Filtering
    Filter the items in your cabinet by type to separate by receipts, contacts or documents. In addition, Smart Filters serve as quick links to separate items depending on whether they’ve been reviewed, or based on how recently the items were added to the cabinet. Click here for more information about filters and categories in Neat.
  • Searching
    Search and locate any item in your cabinet using Neat’s convenient Keyword Search bar. Click here for more on searching in the Neat for Windows.


  • Scanning Destinations
    NeatConnect allows you to scan directly to Neat Cloud Service, OneDrive, Evernote, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and FTP (network) destinations.  You can also send scanned images directly to anyone’s email address via your email account with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or POP/SMTP. Follow the steps in this article to start learn more about NeatConnect scan destinations.
  • Scan Settings
    The most common settings are all conveniently available from the home page on the NeatConnect scanner’s built-in touchscreen. Click here to modify your scan settings including, scan color, file type, and DPI, as well as, secondary controls and settings on the NeatConnect scanner.


  • Local Access Mode


    NeatConnect can broadcast it’s own local Wi-Fi signal. You can then connect a nearby Wi-Fi device to NeatConnect so you can view all of the saved images in NeatConnect on that Wi-Fi device. Click here to learn how to save those images directly to other Wi-FI devices or to push them to other destinations from the device.


Neat’s Report Creator Wizard allows you to create expense reports, tax reports, and spending reports. Once created, you can download your expense report to share it with anyone who may need to view it for accounting or record keeping purposes.

  • Expense Report
    Create an expense report in Neat, then download it to share the information with others. Follow the steps in this article to create an expense report in Neat.
  • Tax Report
    Create a tax report in Neat, then download it to share the information with others. Click here
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