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NeatConnect :: Calibration

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018 01:18PM EST

Learn how to calibrate your NeatConnect scanner. The calibration process helps the scanner “see” correctly and therefore provide crisp accurate scans by differentiating between black, white, shades of gray and other colors.

Calibrating your scanner is simple and quick. Neat 5 may prompt you to calibrate the scanner during installation; however you may occasionally need to recalibrate if scans appear faint or off-balance. Follow the steps below for instructions on cleaning and calibrating your NeatConnect scanner.

Before You Begin

The calibration steps in this article only impact the image quality when scanning directly to the Neat software. If you are not using the NeatConnect to scan directly to a computer, please use the calibration option from the Settings menu.

Calibrate the NeatConnect scanner

  1. Remove the calibration paper from its special pocket in the Welcome Kit. Be certain to use the calibration paper, and not the cleaning paper. The cleaning paper resembles a dryer sheet, while the calibration paper is a thin, white piece of paper. If you can’t find your calibration sheet, you can print a new one by clicking Print Calibration Sheet in the Scanner Calibration dialog box (pictured after step 3). If you have misplaced your calibration sheet, you can use a blank white 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper to calibrate.

  2. In the Scan Settings menu in Neat, click Calibrate. The Scanner Calibration dialog box (pictured below) will appear.


  3. Load the calibration sheet into the scanner as shown in the Scanner Calibration dialog box.

  4. Click Calibrate. An alert box will let you know when calibration is complete.

Neat Tip: Store the calibration paper in its special pocket in the Welcome Kit for safekeeping. If you still notice that scans appear faint, lightly streaked, or don’t look quite right, you may repeat the calibration process.

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