This Community forum is provided to Neat customers looking for answers to support questions for end-of-life versions of Neat scanners & software. This site will be moderated by Neat personnel but live agent support is no longer provided.

Retired Neat Software :: Limited Retired Software Support FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018 04:28PM EDT

Neat stopped shipping scanners with these versions of software (on CD/DVD media) in May 2015 and formally announced the retirement of these Legacy versions in March 2016. 

Agent support & download requests for ALL Neat Legacy software versions ended July 31, 2018 (see below for limited time exceptions).  In addition, Neat Legacy software versions will no longer connect or synchronize ("sync") data to Neat's cloud infrastructure. 

Customers CAN continue to use these Legacy versions of Neat but note that no development, bug fixes, or agent assisted support will continue.  Please be advised that at some point, these software versions may not longer work due to changes outside of Neat's control (e.g. Windows or MacOS operating system updates, etc).

Why is Neat Offering Limited Retired Software Support?

You’ve asked and we’ve heard you! Neat is now offering --for a limited time-- legacy desktop support for the end-of-life versions of our software: Neat v5.7 (PC), Neat v4.5 (Mac), and drivers for supported scanners (ND-1000, NM-1000, NC-1000).

By contacting our dedicated legacy support line, our representatives will be able to provide a download link (for authenticated Neat scanner/software buyers only) for either Neat 5.7 or Neat 4.5 depending on the operating system you would like to install the Neat legacy software on.

The legacy support team will also be able to assist with providing scanner hardware repair steps and direction on restoring Neat database backup files.

What are the specific limitations regarding Retired Software support?

  • Neat will provide one (1) legacy desktop support instance per customer account – repeat troubleshooting assistance and scheduled callbacks will not be offered.
  • Neat will provide a software download link and/or troubleshooting steps to install either Neat 5.7 (PC), Neat 4.5 (Mac), or supported scanner drivers (ND-1000, NM-1000, NC-1000).

Please Note: Not all issues can/will be resolved by Neat. The Neat legacy software was retired March 1, 2016 with no further enhancements, bug fixes, or product updates. In addition, ALL cloud & synchronization options within these legacy versions will be permanently deactivated as of July 31, 2018.  

Limited Live Support is now available Monday-Friday 9AM to 8PM Eastern time.  

Call us at 855-910-NEAT (6328)

Who Qualifies for Neat’s Limited Retired Software Support?

  • ​​Customers choosing to use the Neat legacy desktop software and are not subscribed to an existing Neat cloud plan.
  • Customers that have a Neat legacy desktop database to restore from Neat versions 5.7 (PC) or 4.5 (Mac).
  • Customers requiring hardware assistance with a supported Neat scanner (Models: ND-1000, NM-1000, NC-1000) and are using Neat 5.7 (PC) or Neat 4.5 (Mac).  (Of course, customers still within their one (1) year limited hardware warranty are fully covered!) 

Neat will attempt the software installation/driver repair steps one (1) time per customer account.

  • If the steps offered do not resolve the issue reported – no additional assistance will be provided and customers should refer to our actively engaged Legacy Support Community forum for assistance.
  • Please be advised: Neat strongly recommends that customers choosing to remain on our legacy desktop software actively participate in the Legacy Support Community forum.

    The Legacy Support Community forum will be the primary resource available to users of this particular software version. No other legacy support will be provided by Neat.


What Doesn’t Qualify for Limited Legacy Support?

  • Customers currently subscribed to a Neat cloud software plan (Lite, Premium, or Business) are not supported.  You have full support already!
  • Customers requesting migration assistance from retired legacy desktop software to Neat’s cloud-powered software are not supported. (See our promotion on the Community page -- you get full support!)
  • Customers experiencing sync issues with Legacy or Neat’s cloud-powered software are not supported.
  • Customers with usage, tips or “How To” questions are not supported.  Please refer to Neat’s Legacy Support Community.
  • Assistance with unsupported earlier version of Neat legacy software – Pre 5.7 (PC) or 4.5 (MacOS) is not supported.
  • Any older Neat scanners (Models: SCSA4601EU, NR-030108, ADF-070108) are not supported (on ANY Neat software version).
Limited Live Support is now available Monday-Friday 9AM to 8PM Eastern time.  

Call us at 855-910-NEAT (6328)
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