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Mac :: OS El Capitan & Sierra

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 04:31PM EDT
el capitan

Updated: 1/20/2017 10:00EDT

El Capitan: We have identified an issue with Mac OS X operating system that prohibits our scanner from properly connecting to Image Capture. We have been working with Apple to provide an updated driver to resolve the issue. Until we have a final release of our driver you can use the following work around.


​Sierra: Legacy versions of Neat for Mac (v4.5 or earlier) have not been tested in Sierra and are not supported on Sierra.


“Scanner Communications Error” or “Paper Not Detected” Error
Please reference our FAQ that provides simple steps to work around these errors

We truly appreciate your patience with this issue and continued use of Neat!

Compatible Neat Scanner’s

Neat Scanner Scanner Model Number Supported
NeatConnect   NC-1000 Yes
NeatDesk   ND-1000 Yes
NeatReceipts   NM-1000 Yes
NeatDesk (Unsupported Model)
NeatDesk Unsupported Model   ADF-070108 No
NeatReceipts (Unsupported Model)
NeatReceipts Unsupported Model   NR-030108 No
Neat Silver Mobile
Neat Silver Mobile   SCSA4601EU No

If you are using an unsupported model scanner as listed in the chart above, there will not be updated drivers available for El Capitan. If you are using one of these models you can see information on purchasing a newer scanner model here.

To install the new driver, follow the steps below:

  1. Quit Neat and disconnect your scanner.
  2. Download and install Neat 4.5 for Mac El CapitanDownload Neat
  3. Click the Finder icon from your Dock (or click on an empty space on your desktop). The Finder has the blue smiling face icon.


  4. Open the Go menu at the top of the screen and select the Go To Folder option.


  5. Copy and paste the following path in the Go To Folder window to open the directory: /Library/Image Capture/Devices
    go to fold
  6. Delete any items in here that begin with Neat. There may only be one scanner driver listed depending on when you originally installed Neat.
  7. Leave that window open and click here to download the updated driver.
  8. Go back to Finder, click the File menu and choose New Finder Window


  9. Open the Downloads folder and you will see a file called NeatScannerICDriver.zip. Double click that file and the NeatScannersICDriver.app file should automatically be extracted into your Downloads folder.


  10. Drag and drop the NeatScannersICDriver.app file from the downloads folder, into the /Library/Image Capture/Devices folder you opened previously. You may be prompted to enter your Mac password.
  11. Lastly, right click (or CTRL + click) the NeatScannersICDriver.app file that is now in the Devices folder and choose Open. If you see the following message click Open again. You will only have to do this once to allow the driver permission to run.


  12. Now open Neat and then re-connect your scanner.  Once the software is open and the scanner is turned on try scanning again.
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