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Mac :: OS El Capitan & Sierra

Last Updated: May 09, 2018 12:55PM EDT
el capitan

​Sierra: Legacy versions of Neat for Mac (v4.5 or earlier) have not been tested in Sierra and are not supported on Sierra.

“Scanner Communications Error” or “Paper Not Detected” Error

Please reference our FAQ that provides simple steps to work around these errors

We truly appreciate your patience with this issue and continued use of Neat!

Compatible Neat Scanner’s

Neat Scanner Scanner Model Number Supported
NeatConnect   NC-1000 Yes
NeatDesk   ND-1000 Yes
NeatReceipts   NM-1000 Yes
NeatDesk (Unsupported Model)
NeatDesk Unsupported Model   ADF-070108 No
NeatReceipts (Unsupported Model)
NeatReceipts Unsupported Model   NR-030108 No
Neat Silver Mobile
Neat Silver Mobile   SCSA4601EU No

If you are using an unsupported model scanner as listed in the chart above, there will not be updated drivers available for El Capitan.

To install the new driver, follow the steps below:

  1. Quit Neat and disconnect your scanner
  2. Download the updated driver here.
  3. Once downloaded open the Downloads folder on your mac and double click the file named NeatScannersICDriver151015.zip. You should then see a file called NeatScannersICDriver.app appear in the Downloads folder. Leave this Finder window open to the side for now.
  4. Click the File menu at the top of the screen and choose New Finder Window.
    mac new finder window
  5. Then click the Go menu at the top again and choose Go To Folder
    mac finder go menu
  6. Type in or copy and paste this path: /Library/Image Capture/Devices
    mac go-to-fold
  7. Then click and drag the driver file named NeatScannersICDriver.app from the Downloads folder, into the Devices folder. If it asks you to replace the file, click replace. You may then be prompted to enter the password for your Mac.
    mac scanner driver
  8. You can then open the Neat Software back up and connect your scanner and try scanning again.
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