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Mac :: Exporting Data to Excel

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:35PM EDT

Neat will allow you to export the field data from the Inbox or folder table grids to a new excel spreadsheet.

To do this:

1) Select the folder from the left-hand pane which contains the data you wish to export to Excel. You can also select all or multiple folders at once by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting the desired folders

2) Go to File ->Export


3) Choose CSV or Spreadsheet from the Export toolbar. Now you can opt between ‘All items in the currently selected folder(s)’ or ‘selected items only’ (use this if you have highlighted a grouping of items within a folder), and filter the export further by date if necessary.

The default Text Encoding option is ‘Western Encoding’ and is universal for most CSV files


4) Click Export and type in a unique filename and choose a location on the Hard Drive to save to. It’s recommended to choose your Desktop for easier access.


5) Once the export completes, browse to the location the file has been saved to and open. This will open automatically with MS Excel

*NOTE: The Inbox has a limited amount of fields including the Description field which lumps multiple categories together in one for quick overview. If your export needs to reflect more item-type fields, you will need to either drag those items you want exported to their appropriate folders (such as receipts or a custom created one).

Once transferred to a folder the data will be distributed accordingly to each corresponding field. You can also scan directly to a folder (bypassing the Inbox) by changing the scan destination from the Scan Options toolbar in the upper left corner of the application from “Inbox” to “Current Folder”. At this point the CSV export will display the information properly distributed to each field. The export will ONLY reflect which fields are currently displayed in your table view.


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