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Mac :: Exporting to QuickBooks (.iif)

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:36PM EDT

If you want to export a QuickBooks-compatible file from Neat® for Mac, follow these steps:

1. In QuickBooks, open the Accounts list and note the account names listed there.

2. In Neat, select the folder, folders, or receipts that you want to export.

  • Make sure that every receipt has a valid Transaction Date, a Vendor Name, and a non-negative account.

3. In the File menu, click Export, and then click QuickBooks (iif).

4. In the Export Setup dialog box, first confirm your selection:

  • To export all the receipts in a selected folder, click All items in currently selected folders
  • To export only the individual receipts that you selected, click Selected items only.

5. Then fill in the Debt Account and Credit Account text boxes. The names you use must exactly match the corresponding account names in QuickBooks.

  • Note: Credit Account is where the money is going to. If you export a batch of food receipts to Quickbooks, and you have an account called Meals/Food in QuickBooks, type the name of that account in Credit Account. When QuickBooks imports the food receipts, it will add the amounts on the receipts to the Meals/Food account. Debit Account is where the money if coming from: usually a bank or credit card account. When the file is imported, the amounts will be charged to that account.

6. Click Receipt Vendor or User Name, and then click Continue.

7. In the Save as dialog box, type a name for the iif file, navigate to where you want to save it on your computer, and then click Save.



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