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Mac :: Import Items

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:23PM EDT

Learn how to import items into Neat for Mac. Scanning is not the only way to capture data in Neat for Mac – you can also import a PDF, vCard, or image file. Follow the steps below to begin importing items into Neat for Mac.

Import items

  1. Click Import.
  2. Browse to the folder containing the file you want to import. Select the files you wish to import. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple items, then click Open.
  3. The Analyzing icon (pictured below) animates to let you monitor the importing progress. The processing time for importing will vary based on the number of items, document size, and amount of content. Neat for Mac will optimize the scanned item for readability, convert it into digital text, and parse it for key information.
  4. When the import is complete, double-click on an item to review it.

You can also drag and drop PDFs or images from a folder on your Mac into a folder in the Neat software.

mac drag and drop

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