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Mac :: Change Email Address Associated with Sync

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018 02:53PM EST

I am unable to change my email address to sync to the correct Neat Cloud Service account

Once files from your Neat Cabinet are synced to Neat Cloud Service, they become associated with the email address that corresponds with the particular Neat account..

In order to change the account you are currently syncing your data with, you will need to do the following:

First, if the email you wish to use does not already have a Neat Cloud Service account, you will need to create a new Neat Cloud Service account with the desired email address. Please click here to start your new account.

The information the user wishes to sync will have to be moved to a new library. If you drag a folder from the Neat for Mac software onto the desktop, it will create a folder on your desktop with all the items as PDFs in the folder. If you drag a folder that contains sub-folder, the sub-folder hierarchy will be will be created upon dragging the folders to the desktop as well. Below is an example of the folder structure created when folders from the Neat software are dragged to the Desktop:


Once all the folders have been successfully dragged to the desktop, quit out of the Neat application. Go into the Documents folder, or the location of the saved library on the Mac and locate the file called ‘Neat Library’. Change the file name to ‘Neat Library Original’. Reopen the software. The will most likely be a prompt that the library was not found. Select the option to create a new library from the message window.

The new library should now display. You can then drag the folders you exported for the original library back into the new library you created.

Note that any external folder must be dragged into a folder that exists under the cabinet in the new database. Folders cannot be dragged directly to the cabinet itself.

Also note that sub-folders are not included in the import process, so if any of the folders the user wishes to import include sub-folders, it is best to recreate the folder structure in the library and then drag the PDF files inside each respective folder. Once all the folders have been imported in, double click on the sync icon, and you should be able to enter in your desired email address.


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