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Mac :: Export Files as Images

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:34PM EDT

Learn how to export files in Neat for Mac to Image format. Follow the steps below.

Export to image

  1. From the top left corner in the Neat software, click File > Export.
    0. File Export
  2. Select Image as the file type from the top left corner.
    1. Select Image opt
  3. Under “Export…” you can choose:
    • All items in currently selected folders” which will export everything in those folders to image files.
    • Selected items only” which will export only those items you highlighted prior to beginning the export.
    • You can also place a check in the box for “Only include items between dates:” and then select a begin and end date range to limit which items will be exported as image files.
    • You can also select Image Quality which will change the image resolution.
    • Under File Type you may select JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.
  4. When done making your selections click the Export button.
    2.A Export Quality File Type
  5. You can name the image file by typing in the Save As field. Change the location the file will be saved from Where drop-down list. When ready click “Save” to export to an image file format.
    3. Save as my image
  6. The file will appear in the location that showed in the Where drop-down option.
    4. Image Save Destination

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