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Mac :: Modifying Fields in the Grid

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:49PM EDT

You can modify the fields in the gird at the bottom of the Neat for Mac software to customize it fit your needs. You can also modify the fields to the left of the image.

Modifying fields in the Grid

  1. Right click (or CTRL + click) one of the existing headers in the grid
    mac customize fields
  2. Click Remove Column to remove that field from the grid
    mac customize remove fields
  3. To add a field, select one of the field sections, such as Contacts, Documents, or Receipts and click the field to add it. It will appear at the end of the list of fields in the grid.
    mac customize fields1

Once added, you can click and drag field headers to move them to the left or right and rearrange the order.

You can also create your own custom fields (which would show up under the User-defined Fields section) or modify existing fields to customize them for your needs.

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