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Paper Feed Error: Paper Not Found

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 11:49AM EDT

Help! I’m seeing a “Paper Not Found” message while trying to scan.

In some instances, an error message that says Paper Not Found may display during an attempt to scan. The most common cause of this issue is the paper is not being detected by the scanner.

Before You Begin

When inserting an item into a NeatDesk scanner, the Scan and PDF buttons should both momentarily blink off and then back on. If you don’t see that happen try taking the paper out and then place it back into the scanner. For the NeatReceipts scanner, make sure the paper is all the way to the side of the scanner under the Scan and PDF buttons. Click here for instructions to resolve paper feed issues occurring while using a NeatConnect scanner.

Troubleshoot: Paper not found

This error is commonly caused by issues with the scanners’ software driver files.

  1. Click here for instructions on Repairing Scanner Drivers in Neat For PC
  2. Click here for instructions on Re-installing Scanner Drivers in Neat for Mac
  3. Once the steps have been performed, restart the computer, disconnect any other third party scanners and attempt to scan your documents again.

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