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Windows :: Import Neat File into Neat

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 02:35PM EST

Learn how to import Neat files into Neat. The Import button in Neat 5.6 is located in the top center, making it easier to find. Neat files that can be imported are files that were previously exported from Neat 5 or an earlier version and end with any of the following file extensions: .ndx, .nrx, .nrt, or .nrf.

Import a Neat file

  1. Click Import and select Neat File, then click Browse to locate the Neat file(s) in your PC.
    Neat Windows - Import Neat files - Step 1
  2. Select the Neat file you want to import, then click Open.
    Neat Windows - Import Neat files - Step 3
  3. Click Change Folder to select the folder where the file will be saved in Neat. Then click Import.
    Neat Windows - Import Neat files - Step 4
    Neat Windows - Import Neat files - Step 5-1
  4. A message will appear briefly at the top of the window confirming that the Neat File has been imported. The imported file will appear in the Neat folder you selected in Step 3.
    Neat Windows - Import Neat files - Step 6

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