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Importing Images

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 09:23AM EST

The Import button in Neat 5 is located in the top center making it easier to find.

To import an image file click Import and then select Image.

1. Import Menu Image

In the section below the toolbar, click Browse to locate the image in your PC.

import image

Once you’ve selected the image(s) you wish to import, you can also choose to:

a) select the item type (receipt, document, contact) or allow Neat to auto detect it for you

b) combine images into a single item with multiple pages by placing a check in the box

import image2

Then click Import.

Your item will then be imported. You will get an Items Processing message in blue at the top center of Neat while the import is being completed.

4. item processing

Once complete it will appear in your selected folder.

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