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Windows :: Sort Documents

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018 04:26PM EDT

Learn how to use the latest sort feature in Neat 5.5. You can still use the original sort function by clicking the header for any column and sort by Document Title, Document Date, Document Type, etc. However, the new sort feature allows you to group documents into two additional sub-levels.

0. Old Sort

Sort documents

  1. Click Tools in the upper right, then Sort, and finally Documents.
    1. Sort Menu Receipts
  2. You will then have access to 3 levels of sorting options.
    3. Pre-Sort
  3. Click on the first option, Sort By, to open a drop-down list and choose how your documents will be sorted overall.
    4. Sort List
  4. You may then proceed to the second option, Then By, to choose how to organize items within the first overall option. The Then By categories are both optional and may be left at (none).
    5. Sort Order
  5. In the example above:
    • Documents will be first organized by Document Type so all documents will be sorted alphabetically by Document Type. Ascending will order them from A-Z. Descending will order them from Z-A.
    • All documents categorized as a particular Document Type will then be in alphabetical order by Document Title.
    • Finally, all documents with the same Title will be sorted in order by Date Created.

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