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Neat is Undoing Edits Made to Scanned Items

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 05:00PM EST

When editing items in Neat, the text is sometimes removed afterwards. What could be causing this?

This issue commonly arises while editing items  in the software with the Neat Cloud Service sync enabled. Follow the steps to fix this issue below:

  1. First we will need to open the Neat Support Center.
    • For Windows Vista, 7, or 10, open up the Start menu and type Neat Support Center. Choose the Neat Support Center from the list of results.
      Neat Windows - Obtain your neat error log - step 1
    • Windows 10:
      WINDOWS 10 support center
    • For Windows 8.1 open the Start screen and type Neat Support Center. Choose Neat Support Center from the list of results.
      windows 8 support center
    • In Windows Vista or 7 you can also go to Start–>All Programs–>Neat–>Neat Support Tools and click Neat Support Center.
      Neat Windows - Obtain your neat error log - step 2
  2. The Support Center will open. In this window, select the Advanced tab from the top of the window, and then click on the check box to Disable Throttling. The option will prevent the sync from running while entering metadata for  scanned items. The sync will automatically resume once you are finished editing any items.
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