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Windows :: Create a New Cabinet

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018 04:28PM EDT

Create a new cabinet in Neat! Your cabinet, much like a real filing cabinet, is the where all of the documents, receipts, and contacts you scan into Neat are stored. Your first cabinet is automatically created for you when you begin using Neat. If you need to create a new cabinet (for instance, if Neat is unable to locate your database or want to start a new one), follow the steps below.

Create a new cabinet

  1. If you have an existing database, first browse your Documents folder on your computer and rename the Neat Data folder to Neat Data.old
    windows rename neat data
  2. For Windows Vista, 7, or 10, click on the Start Menu and in the search box type Neat Support Center and click the search result
    windows 7 neat support center
  3. For Windows 8.1, open the Start Screen, and to start a search simply start typing Neat Support Center and click on the search result
    windows 8 support center
  4. A Neat Support Center window will appear. Go to the Advanced tab.Neat Windows - Create A New Cabinet - Step 5
  5. Then click the “Create Database” button. (Nothing will happen other than the button turning gray)
  6. Close the Neat Support Center window. Launch Neat. Neat will begin loading followed by the Neat Software Setup window.
    Neat Windows - Create A New Cabinet - Step 7
  7. Set up the name, location, and tax region for your new cabinet. When ready click “Finish”.
    Neat Windows - Create A New Cabinet - Step 8
  8. You will see the “Preparing Your Cabinet” screen briefly before Neat opens with your new cabinet ready to be used.
    Neat Windows - Create A New Cabinet - Step 9
  9. If you have a Neat Cloud Service account you can turn the sync on and enter your account credentials to begin syncing any data you previously stored on the Neat cloud.
    Neat Windows - Create A New Cabinet - Step 10


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