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Windows :: Exporting to Excel

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018 01:03PM EST

This article will guide you through the updated process to export items and folders to Excel from Neat 5.

Exporting to Excel allows you to transfer data contained in the columns when viewing your Neat folders into an Excel spreadsheet so it can be managed outside the Neat software.


1. First select the item(s) or folder in Neat that you wish to export to Excel. Then click the Export button at the top center in Neat 5.6 as shown below:

Exporting to Excel


2. Then click the list for “Select Format” to choose “EXCEL”.

Exporting to Excel


3. Choose the radio button for “SELECTED ITEM(S)” or “SELECTED FOLDER” depending on whether you wish to export specific items you already selected or if you wish to export the entire folder and all items including sub-folders contained within it.

Exporting to Excel


4. A sample excel map (pre-set to export receipt data with the default receipt columns in Neat) is available to use.

TIP: If you wish to make changes or create a new map please see this link:  Creating and Managing Excel maps in Neat5.6

4. a use sample map


5. Click “EXPORT” to begin exporting to Excel.

4. Export buttons

NOTE: Clicking “SAVE & EXPORT” will save EXCEL as your default Export file type.


6. Your data will then be exported to Excel.

5. Exporting



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