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Windows :: Import Quicken Account into Neat

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 02:33PM EST

This article will guide you through the updated process to export receipts to Quicken in Neat 5.

This feature allows you to transfer Quicken account data into Neat so that your account names will match in both applications which in turn will allow you to transfer data identified from your scanned receipts (such as receipt date, vendor name, sales tax, total amount, etc) into Quicken so you can perform accounting functions on the receipts soon after scanning them.

Before exporting to a Quicken account for the very first time, you will need to create and import a QIF file of your Quicken accounts.

NOTE: Different versions of Quicken use different file formats, such as QFX, QIF, and QDF. Neat only uses QIF file formats. Because Neat uses only the QIF file format, it’s necessary to first export your Quicken accounts to QIF from Quicken to ensure Neat and Quicken can work together using same format. After exporting your Quicken Accounts, that QIF file needs to be imported into Neat so that items exported later will be compatible with your Quicken accounts.


1. Open Quicken and your company file.
2. From the File menu, choose Export and then QIF File. The QIF Export dialog box opens.


3. Choose from the Quicken Account to Export from dropdown menu.
4. Under the Include In Export heading, only Account List should be selected (as pictured below).


5. Click on Browse at the top of the QIF Export Screen to choose a location for the exported file. In theExport to QIF File window that opens, choose a location easy to access on your hard drive.


6. To complete the QIF Export, type a a name for the exported file in the File Name field and click OK to save the file and close the QIFExport Window.




7. In Neat, click the EXPORT button at the top center within Neat 5.6 as shown below:

1. CALLED Export button in 5.6


8. Select “QUICKEN” from the list of file types.

2. Select QUICKEN


9. The first time you export to Quicken you will need to add your accounts from Quicken. Click MANAGE QUICKEN ACCOUNTS.

3. Manage Quicken Accounts


10. To add your account data from Quick, click IMPORT and browse to the location of your account file ending with .QIF. Select it and then click “Open”.

4A. Import QIF with icon


11. Your account file will be imported and show the following:

5. QIF import success


12.  The Accounts will now be listed in the window. Click OK to exit the Account Manager.


Now that you have imported your account information from Quicken you will be able to export receipt data from Neat to Quicken.

To export receipt data from Neat to Quicken see Exporting to Quicken from Neat 5





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