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Mac :: Calibrate my Scanner

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 04:09PM EDT

What Is Calibration?

Calibration is a process that helps the NeatReceipts scanner provide accurate images.  It’s analogous to getting an eye test and a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. You can easily calibrate your Neat scanner from within the Neat software.

How do I calibrate my Neat Scanner?

To calibrate your Neat scanner, launch the Neat Scanner Maintenance utility by selecting the Scanner Maintenance option from the Scan menu.



The Neat Scanner Maintenance utility will guide you through your Neat scanner’s calibration process.

Insert the calibration sheet that came with your scanner, making sure that the three black arrows are all going into the scanner. Push the calibration sheet forward until you feel resistance.

If you lost your calibration sheet, a blank white 8.5” x 11” inch sheet of paper will work just as well as the calibration sheet that came with your scanner. Make sure it’s white paper, however. Colored paper and even dark shades of off-white paper can throw off your scanner’s calibration settings.

Once the sheet is firmly in place, click the ‘Calibrate‘ button on the screen.


The paper should start to move immediately, then pause.  The green light on the scanner will be flashing.  The paper will start to move again after a brief delay, and the pass out of the scanner.  If the paper did not move immediately when you clicked ‘Calibrate’, it was not properly inserted and the calibration results will not be usable.  Please re-try the process. If calibrating the NeatDesk, click the following link to perform a paper pad reset.

Click Cancel to close the Neat Scanner Maintenance utility.

When Is Calibration Necessary?

It’s usually not necessary to calibrate unless the image quality of scanned items begins to decline.




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