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Install the Legacy Software :: Windows

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 12:05PM EST

PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing Neat and see the message 'The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid' choose the ‘I understand the risk and want to run this app’ box to continue the installation. Click here for more info.

Please note that you are NOT required to purchase a subscription, support plan, or newest version of Neat software to continue using your Legacy software version. 

However, there will no longer be bug fixes or enhancements to the legacy versions of Neat software. For those customers who desire to still use these software versions, we provide the following links as is, with no support or warranty available.  

Neat Legacy Desktop Software – Download Links

Windows 5.7 Full: (final legacy version)
Windows 5.4:
(Note: v5.4 is the last Neat version for use on Windows XP or Vista)

Mac 4.5.0 :

Make sure your Neat scanner is disconnected before installing Neat software.
  1. After clicking the download link, you'll be prompted to login to your Neat account, and the download will then start automatically.

    cloud login
    If you are using Google Chrome after you login, click on the file name in the bottom left corner of the screen to run the Neat installer.

    chrome download

    If you are using Internet Explorer, click the Run button at the bottom of at the bottom of the screen. Once the file has been downloaded, the Neat installer should start. ie download

    If you are using Mozilla Firefox, click Save File and once the file has been downloaded, click the downloads button or press CTRL + J to bring up the Downloads window from within your web browser and click on the Neat installer.

    firefox download2
  2. On the Neat Installation Extractor Window, Click the Extract button to continue.Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 3

  3. To begin installing the software, click Next.
    Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 4

  4. If you have any security programs (i.e. firewalls, anti-virus programs, etc.) disable them at this time. Also disable any automatic backup software (i.e. Carbonite, SugarSync, etc.) and disconnect any external USB hard drives or flash drives.

    Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 5
  5. Accept the license agreement in order to continue with installation.

    Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 6
  6. The software installer will check for any previous components before installing the components to run Neat 5 for PC.Once the Neat software installer has installed of its components, a reboot of the machine is required in order to successfully complete installation. There is an available option to reboot now or reboot later.

    Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 7
  7. Upon launching Neat for the first time you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your Neat account.

    Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 8
  8. Once the software has been successfully activated, you will be prompted to create your cabinet and to select the location for your cabinet.
Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 10

Result After setting up the cabinet and choosing the location, the Neat software is ready to use.

Neat Software - Installing Neat 5.5 - Step 11