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  • legacy software Neat Library

    2 Community Answers Nov 30, 2017 01:54PM EST

    How can I use the Neat Library on my new mac. I have been using it for a couple of years and want to keep usin...

  • Driver download will not open

    1 Community Answer Nov 30, 2017 11:32AM EST

    This is what my Mac says when I try to open the download. “NeatScannersICDriver” can’t be opened because it is...

  • reinstalling next legacy software

    1 Community Answer Nov 11, 2017 01:23PM EST

    Configuration: NM-1000 Mac OSX 10.13.1 I have downloaded the legacy desktop software Neat- an...

  • startup

    1 Community Answer Oct 27, 2017 04:47PM EDT

    When I launch Neat it freezes. I tried re-installing the software with the El Capitain fix but it did not help...

  • Download Driver

    1 Community Answer Oct 25, 2017 02:06PM EDT

    Is the neat desk ND-1000 compatible with Mac mini server running OS X Server 3.2.2? The driver will not downlo...

  • Neat scanner and program

    1 Community Answer Oct 12, 2017 06:45PM EDT

    I've heard that you run specials now and then on scanners and the program. Was wondering if you have anyt...

  • Custom Fields

    1 Community Answer Sep 14, 2017 05:33PM EDT

    I have documents/tickets (approx. 100+) that I need some information taken off of and put into an Excel file. ...

  • SCSA4601EU driver for MAC

    1 Community Answer Aug 21, 2017 01:55PM EDT

    Does anyone know where I can download the driver for SCSA4601EU mobile scanner for mac?

  • Multiple windows of default data file

    1 Community Answer Aug 21, 2017 09:35AM EDT

    Every time I run Neat, it opens 2 copies of my data file. Been going on for 2 years. Is there a setting?

  • Unknown Error

    1 Community Answer Aug 03, 2017 08:03PM EDT

    EVerytime i attempt to open my scanner to scan an item it gives me a unknown error. (//epnmbmienjhgbolbhbdndkf...

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