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  • LOST *.nwcab FILES

    1 Community Answer Aug 24, 2018 09:20AM EDT

    OMG! Somehow in al the cleaning of my laptop, it "appears" I have lost my database!! I opened NEAT...

  • Can't find legacy knowledge base documents

    1 Community Answer Mar 02, 2018 12:11AM EST

    Since the support ended for the legacy software and scanners, I've been getting errors when trying to loc...

  • Folder doesn't allow new items

    2 Community Answers Feb 15, 2018 12:10PM EST

    When I scan to a folder that has other receipts, a box pops up to say: "The currently selected folder doe...

  • down load to the cloud and how do I sing into neat

    1 Community Answer Feb 04, 2018 07:55PM EST

    why can't I download Neat 5.5

  • Locate files

    1 Community Answer Oct 11, 2017 07:25PM EDT

    I have not used my scanner in over a year. I need to access the receipts I have scanned but am unable to. I ...

  • How do I access my locally stored files?

    2 Community Answers Sep 10, 2017 11:36PM EDT

    I have been using the Neat scanner and software for years and now I do not see any of my files after receiving...

  • search feature

    1 Community Answer Aug 16, 2017 05:20PM EDT

    I have patient forms organized as documents that are alphabetized in their own folders (A-B-C). When I do a n...

  • Print to Neat problem - stuck at registry edit

    1 Community Answer Jul 24, 2017 09:53AM EDT

    Windows 10 suddenly stopped Print to Neat (Neat 5.7) and I found this solution in the Neat forum. https://neat...

  • Need power connecter

    1 Community Answer Jul 02, 2017 07:39AM EDT

    I have one of Neat's original machines, but the power cord is missing. I need a document stored in the ma...

  • My Scanned Documents

    1 Community Answer Jun 27, 2017 02:49PM EDT

    Hi I bought a neat scanner in 2013 scanned a lot of my documents and now I cant find/locate them? I tried call...

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