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This Community forum is provided to Neat customers looking for answers to support questions for end-of-life versions of Neat scanners & software. This site will be moderated by Neat personnel but live agent support is no longer provided. In addition, the community is designed to be a portal for Neat users to share answers to technical support and usage questions. Thank you for helping make this community a successful tool for Neat users!

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  • neat receipt will not open

    1 Community Answer Feb 05, 2018 12:16AM EST

    when i open neat receipt it will open and close within 10 second. I was using the software for about 5 hours s...

  • Setting up template entires

    0 Community Answers Jan 18, 2018 03:52PM EST

    Is it possible to set up a template entry? For example every time I enter a prescription receipt it is from t...

  • Sent Files in Outbox

    1 Community Answer Jan 10, 2018 01:40PM EST

    After a file has been scanned and sent to my Neat File Cabinet, it then appears in my scanner's Outbox un...

  • drag and drop

    1 Community Answer Jan 08, 2018 05:34PM EST

    I know how to drag and drop in other things but everything I have tried in "neat" "doesn't...

  • neat not working

    1 Community Answer Jan 06, 2018 05:02PM EST

    i have been using neat for 3 years and everything was working fine until they lunched the neat cloud .my neat...

  • Why is there two formats for receipts?

    1 Community Answer Jan 05, 2018 04:52PM EST

    There seems to be two formats for receipts. One format is expanded and has all the important columns. The ot...

  • Date and Time

    1 Community Answer Dec 11, 2017 12:46PM EST

    How do I check the date and time I scanned something in?

  • What to be scanned

    1 Community Answer Oct 17, 2017 10:39AM EDT

    How can I change or add items to be scanned from my document

  • copy function

    1 Community Answer Oct 06, 2017 12:19AM EDT

    When will the copy button be added to the new program. Been waiting!!!! Please no miss leading info just t...

  • Technical support

    2 Community Answers Sep 21, 2017 07:47AM EDT

    I have been using a Neat scanner since 2013. Did a Neat update Monday and now all I get is a blank screen whe...

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