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This Community forum is provided to Neat customers looking for answers to support questions for end-of-life versions of Neat scanners & software. This site will be moderated by Neat personnel but live agent support is no longer provided. In addition, the community is designed to be a portal for Neat users to share answers to technical support and usage questions. Thank you for helping make this community a successful tool for Neat users!

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  • calibration

    1 Community Answer Apr 12, 2018 12:17PM EDT

    When I try to scan a document a window comes down and says "scan failed" then another window replace...

  • My Data

    1 Community Answer Mar 01, 2018 05:21PM EST

    I have had to reload my OS (Win 10), after reloading my Neat App I cant seem to find where my data is. Can so...

  • Computer Reset

    1 Community Answer Mar 01, 2018 01:44PM EST

    I reset my computer and need to import me neat date can you tell me the default folder so I can import it?

  • Import previously exported files

    1 Community Answer Feb 17, 2018 02:11PM EST

    I had to reinstall the OS on my Windows 7 x64 bit machine. I exported the Neat cabinet before doing so. I have...

  • PDF imports have been sabotaged

    1 Community Answer Feb 15, 2018 11:56AM EST

    I get errors when I try to import a PDF file. I thought this might have been a problem with my computer, so I ...

  • PDF imports are blank

    3 Community Answers Feb 11, 2018 04:47PM EST

    When I try to import a PDF, it either crashes or imports a blank document. I have tried to remove the QSP f...

  • Importing

    2 Community Answers Feb 07, 2018 01:03PM EST

    I just received a legacy software to import my previous "neatworks.nwdb file. I cannot get them to impor...

  • Cannot drag & drop item from Receipts to another folder

    1 Community Answer Feb 01, 2018 03:50PM EST

    As of 2/1/2018 I cannot move items across folders from receipts into proper folders for accumulation. Is ...

  • Neat 5 to Current Version Restore Backup

    1 Community Answer Feb 01, 2018 12:17PM EST

    I have a backup file from Neat 5 and want to upload it to the current version of Neat. The "Import"...

  • email not set up

    0 Community Answers Jan 18, 2018 11:42AM EST

    My neat email is not working to receive receipts. ericjeffery@neat.com

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