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This Community forum is provided to Neat customers looking for answers to support questions for end-of-life versions of Neat scanners & software. This site will be moderated by Neat personnel but live agent support is no longer provided.

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  • Installation CD

    1 Community Answer Aug 11, 2018 02:17PM EDT

    Lost installation cd for Neat ND-1000. Please send link to download. Thanks

  • unknown error

    1 Community Answer Jul 21, 2018 04:55PM EDT

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at onAfterLoad (chrome-extension://epnmbm...

  • brightening copies

    1 Community Answer Jul 17, 2018 04:41PM EDT

    Is there a way to brighten the copies we are scanning in? Our people cant read what we send them!

  • 5.7 Scan not working with Neat Silver

    1 Community Answer Jul 08, 2018 01:57PM EDT

    I am unable to either print or scan physically from a Neat Silver scanner. I just see a "error" on t...

  • What is my NEAT Cloud email address

    1 Community Answer Jul 02, 2018 04:46PM EDT

    I just signed up for the new cloud version of NEAT... Apparently, I can email a receipt from an email I receiv...

  • Calling Neat 5.4 Scanner

    1 Community Answer Jun 19, 2018 10:51AM EDT

    We need to make a simple scan request from another software. What is the easiest scripting option to start a ...

  • ADF cover open error message

    1 Community Answer Jun 17, 2018 08:00PM EDT

    Keep getting ADF cover open message but it's not. Opened cover to check rubber roller spinning freely, no...

  • Neat Scanner

    1 Community Answer Jun 16, 2018 07:05PM EDT

    I have a scanner that I haven't used in awhile and just recently decided to hook it back up. I just want ...

  • Legacy Neat Software

    1 Community Answer Jun 13, 2018 04:50PM EDT

    I've had this scanner a few years and it stopped working a couple years ago due to your not updating the ...

  • Broke

    1 Community Answer May 20, 2018 04:47PM EDT

    Hi, my name id Karely I got this scanner some time ago and decided to start usingit today, it was brand new, I...

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