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  • Upgrading to a 5

    1 Community Answer Dec 02, 2017 06:46PM EST

    I had the latest version of Neat but had to reboot my computer and now can't get my Neat 5 version back.

  • need to know which driver to download for scanner

    1 Community Answer Nov 29, 2017 10:12AM EST

    need to know which driver to download for my scanner, just says Neat on it and is a white bar.

  • will not accept my account, says no longer active

    1 Community Answer Nov 27, 2017 03:01PM EST

    I can download Neat Receipts 5 but when I try to validate says account no longer valid as they must have delet...

  • computer crash need Neat 5, password removed by Neat

    1 Community Answer Nov 18, 2017 02:02PM EST

    How can I download Legacy Neat 5 for Windows 10. Computer crashed, lost Neat and now Neat Receipts no longer ...

  • Account ?

    1 Community Answer Nov 18, 2017 09:12AM EST

    I purchased Neat years ago and have been scanning receipts etc since. Recently I purchased a new computer and...

  • USB cable

    1 Community Answer Nov 16, 2017 03:43PM EST

    Is there a cable that is compatible there was not one included in my box when I received it was not able to re...

  • Can't Log In

    3 Community Answers Nov 06, 2017 02:38PM EST

    I just got a new computer and have re-installed the latest desktop software. I know my username and password a...

  • Secondhand ND-1000

    1 Community Answer Nov 03, 2017 07:14PM EDT

    I recently picked up a used secondhand Neat ND-1000 Scanner. The only thing it had with it was its USB cable....

  • Working with Neat w/o cloud subscription

    1 Community Answer Nov 02, 2017 01:54AM EDT

    How can I work with the Neat program without a cloud subscription. My trial period is over. I didn't kn...

  • Download

    1 Community Answer Oct 29, 2017 09:07AM EDT

    Why is the system trying to force me to subscribe. I want to download to use system I currently have?

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