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  • Get started

    0 Community Answers Aug 18, 2017 12:37PM EDT

    Driver installed. I have account. USB connected to scanner and to cpu unit. Tried to scan. NOTHING!! Help...

  • Download Link: Neat5 Legacy software version

    0 Community Answers Aug 18, 2017 12:24PM EDT

    Download link to Legacy software version is no longer working. I am trying to download the Neat v5 Legacy s...

  • Windows v 5.7

    1 Community Answer Aug 16, 2017 03:46PM EDT

    I uninstalled previous version, as computer was hit with virus. I had to remove all previous info and databas...

  • Password reset

    1 Community Answer Aug 10, 2017 09:46AM EDT

    I need to a password reset in order to use my scanner on my new computer. The e-mail address used to establis...

  • Downloading Legacy Neat

    1 Community Answer Aug 05, 2017 04:29PM EDT

    My hard drive crashed and I need to download Neat 5 and I can't find the link. Can someone provide me th...

  • Installing a legacy version of Neat on a new computer

    1 Community Answer Aug 02, 2017 09:10AM EDT

    I have tried all of the community suggested ways of installing Neat 5.7 My last attempt this morning using th...

  • Installing a legacy Neat

    1 Community Answer Aug 01, 2017 02:55PM EDT

    I have a new laptop computer (HP Envy running windows 10) and wish to install my legacy Neat software. I have...

  • Opening Neat Program

    1 Community Answer Jul 29, 2017 11:42AM EDT

    I never had a problem opening the Neat program but today it is telling me that it cannot open and tells me tha...

  • New Windows User

    1 Community Answer Jul 25, 2017 03:59AM EDT

    My Adminstrator Local User profile became corrpt. So, I created a new one. How can I move my NEAT program ...

  • Neat frozen

    1 Community Answer Jul 22, 2017 02:50PM EDT

    I've been using Neat desktop for appr. 15 years. For the last few years I've been using Neat desktop...