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This Community forum is provided to Neat customers looking for answers to support questions for end-of-life versions of Neat scanners & software. This site will be moderated by Neat personnel but live agent support is no longer provided. In addition, the community is designed to be a portal for Neat users to share answers to technical support and usage questions. Thank you for helping make this community a successful tool for Neat users!

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  • update to 5.7 and install on Windows 10

    1 Community Answer Apr 06, 2018 11:24PM EDT

    Trying to get it to update to 5.7 install on windows 10 computer and cannot get the full program to download a...

  • neat 5.7.1 cant get to my account

    1 Community Answer Apr 05, 2018 10:53AM EDT

    trying to change the backup location but the my account button is grayed out

  • Missing Settings menu/dropdown tab

    1 Community Answer Apr 03, 2018 01:53PM EDT

    We are unable to configure our Neat software entirely because the Settings, Help menus are missing from the GU...

  • Legacy Software Download

    1 Community Answer Apr 03, 2018 01:52PM EDT

    Hello, is there a link I can download the legacy windows s/w from so I don't need to use the subscription...

  • reinstalling neat legacy software

    1 Community Answer Apr 01, 2018 12:14PM EDT

    I recently had to have my hard drive scrubbed due to virus. Saved all neat files to external hard drive prior...

  • download link

    1 Community Answer Mar 23, 2018 04:21PM EDT

    Where is the legacy software download link!!! This is not support!

  • Software/Scanner

    1 Community Answer Mar 20, 2018 01:45PM EDT

    Is it necessary to by the scanner and the software or if there is a scanner already available through an alrea...

  • Download Links not working

    1 Community Answer Mar 14, 2018 01:25PM EDT

    I'm trying to update my Neat v5.1 SP4 software to http://cdn.neatco.com/Neat_v5.7.1.474_FULL.sfx.exe and ...

  • Neat software will not open

    1 Community Answer Mar 11, 2018 07:16PM EDT

    HI there, i'm using version 5.7 with no problems but after loading several scans it stopped working on m...

  • Neat crashes after successful install on windows 10

    1 Community Answer Mar 08, 2018 02:20PM EST

    I have a workstation which was running Neat without any problems, but because of other issues I reset it to fa...

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